Jose John March 19, 2016 No Comments
AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF RUPEE I am now an old coin and have been in circulation for many, many years. I am worn out now and the lion’s head on my face is very faint. But I still remember my early youth when I was in the government treasury, with my bright companions. I shone brightly then and the lion’s head glittered brightly My active life began when I was paid out from the counter of a bank, along with other new rupees, to a gentleman who got a cheque encashed. I went off jingling in his pocket, but I was not there for long, as he gave me to a shopkeeper. The shopkeeper looked pleased when he had me in his hand, and said, have not seen a new rupee for some time”, and he banged me against his counter to see if I was genuine. I gave out such a clear ringing note that he picked me up and threw me into a drawer along with a lot of other coins. I soon found we were in a mixed company. I took no notice of the greasy copper coins, as I knew they were of very low caste; and I was condescending to the small change, knowing that I...
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