Jose John May 22, 2016 No Comments
BE IN CONTROL OF CIRCUMSTANCES  What sort of person are you? Are you in control of circumstances, or do circumstances having the upper hand? Do people shape events, or do events shape people? Are we ruled by karma and controlled by the stars and planets, the shapes of our bodies, the lines on our palm, or are we the architects of our destiny? Is history the result of personal endeavour? For millennia, humankind has been unable to establish causes for events. History student’s grapple with the problem, philosophy graduates seek answers to this enigma, ethicists wrestle with moral mazes, but scholars and seekers alike cannot establish consensus. Religious leaders daunted by world events struggle to give answers. The issue seems impenetrable. Is it time to give up and move on to something less abstruse? It is fashionable for us—and in line with western capitalism—to think we can control our future and thus progress, economically and socially. Working for justice and mercy is required, as faith is not found in fatalistic inertia, but the metaphysical dilemma never dies. What do saints and sages say? Are we always controlled, or are we free? Well, look out; because ancient books of truth tell us that freedom and destiny exist side by side....
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