Essay Writing about BEING KIND – A UNIQUE LEVEL

Jose John April 11, 2016 No Comments
BEING KIND – A UNIQUE LEVEL About kindness, there are lots of great sayings right from ancient times. “Kindness has no boundary. And so is the happiness that it begets,” says a new scientific discovery! Charles Darwin’s observation about survival said that, one must change oneself according to the changing scenario. “Survival of the fittest,” he had called it. But, science, giving a new twist to it, interpreted, saying, “Survival of the nicest!” A kind person has nothing in the mind to torment him/her. It is a carefree mind-set that such a person’s conscious is as clean as a surgical instrument prior to the operation. Sooner or later, that person’s kindness elevates him/her to high esteem. Chanakya had nicely and rightly said, “The fragrance of the flower is spread only in the direction the wind. But kindness spreads in all directions.” Teach the children to be polite. Simple words like, “Excuse me, Thank you, I’m sorry and Please,” How to fathom kindness? Kindness must be built in from the young age, so that when they have grown up, they will become the most respected and admired people. However, here are some simple ways and means to be kind. besides, giving way to others, especially, to elders and teachers, picking...
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