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BENJAMIN FRANKLIN It is also to understand what it took for Franklin to be such a famous and respectable man. When one takes a look at the world in which he cur­rently lives, he sees it as being normal since it is so slow in changing. When an historian looks at the present, he sees the effects of many events and many wise people. Benjamin Franklin is one of these people. His participation in so many different fields changed the world immensely. He was a noted politician as well as respected scholar. He was an important inventor and scientist. Particularly interesting is the impact on the scientific world. Benjamin Franklin was a modest man who had had many jobs in his lifetime. This may help explain his large array of inventions and new methods of working various jobs. He did everything from making cabbage-growing more efficient to making political decisions to being the first person to study and chart the Gulf Stream movement in the Atlantic Ocean. Franklin was born in Boston, Massachusetts, on Janu­ary 17, 1706. He was the fifteenth child in a family of seven­teen kids. His parents, Josiah and Abiah Franklin, were hard working devout Puritan/Calvinist people. Josiah Franklin made candles for a living. Since the...
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Essay Writing about BENJAMIN FRANKLIN

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BENJAMIN FRANKLIN-SCIENTIST AND INVENTOR Benjamin Franklin has influenced American technology, and indirectly, lifestyles by using his proficiencies and intel­ligence to conduct numerous experiments, arrive at theories, and produce several inventions. Franklin’s scientific and ana­lytical mind enabled him to generate many long lasting achievements, which contributed to the development and re­finement of modern technology. Few national heroes, including George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, played a more significant role in shaping the American way of life than Franklin. According to Fowler, “He personified the ideal of the self-made man, and his rise from obscurity to eminence exemplified the American dream”. Looby adds, “The study of Franklin’s image for the past two centuries shows that his legacy had a distinctive place in American culture”. It has been felt by many people over the years that there was no United States inventor as great as Franklin was until the time of Thomas A. Edison. Franklin’s words to a friend in Pennsylvania, Joseph Huey, best explain his attitude not only toward what he con­sidered his civic duties, but also his investigations as a scien­tist or philosopher. He made some of the most famous and certainly the most practical discoveries of his time. “For my own part, when I am employed in serving others, I...
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