Essay Topics about BOOKS ARE NOT DYING

English_Master February 28, 2016 No Comments
BOOKS ARE NOT DYING If people were asked to define the importance of the books they would probably state that books are dead or will be dead soon. In “books a dying are? Don’t believe it”, Anne Proulx expressed her views books. She suggests “every other week someone says that books are dead or dying”. By analyzing which will focused on a meaning, a form and the style of the essay well reveal that books are not on the way to extinction. Throughout the essay “books a dying art”, the author developed the thesis extremely well, so the reader could grasp the meaning of the essay. First, the thesis opens the introduc­tion; it’s stated every clearly that every other day people says that books are dying, it compares with new technology. In similar manner, when television was invented people thought that the radio will diminished. The body of the essay consist nine paragraphs. The first paragraph of the body talks about people thinks “disappearance of books”. As well as in our society no one reads book any more. In the second paragraph of the body, people are confused in “clouded direction of cul­ture”. Furthermore, the co-operations want to buy publishers because the books are becoming more interesting; also, books...
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