BRAIN DRAIN: Essay Writing Topics

English_Master April 12, 2016 No Comments
BRAIN DRAIN This is yet another thing that requires some amendment, or else India would never emerge as a super power country. But the culprit is the bureaucratic rules in India! It is said that, “A prophet is not regarded in his own country’’. This does not confine to prophets alone, but to the professionally qualified citizens of one country, opting for a better career in a foreign soil. The early 60s kick-started this concept in India: well educated professionals, migrating to US, UK and many other advanced countries where their growth is limitless. A scientist working in USA and many other developed countries is given a freehand and considerate encouragement. But in India, it is a different thing! The same scientist, experimenting on a specific subject, cannot get what he wanted in the office. Even to have a scribbling pad, he has to fill his stationery request card, which needs to be authorized by the eagle eyes of his chief, whether he, the scientist who had requested for, was helping himself with the office stationery! So silly it is here. There are many such face-flinching formalities. Moreover, casteeism and the quota system. As the very above great saying says, even Genius Ramanujan’s fame sky-rocketed only after the English...
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