Jose John June 1, 2016 No Comments
CAN WE EVER ATTAIN SELF-RELIANCE IN ENERGY We have been floundering a lot in the vital energy sector for years running, knowing not where we are heading for, despite the potential to tap successfully several alternatives of renewable sources of energy, a significant field where it is acknowledged universally that India and China are far ahead of the rest of the world. It is a pathetic sight that we have been inured to all these months where Government hikes fuel prices to levels us could have never dared to visualize. But the powers-that-be do impose an unbearable burden on the people nonchalantly without contemplating a wee bit as to the ripple effect it causes in every sector of the economy. Can we ever appreciate such knee-jerk approach when we don’t have a sound energy policy? We know we are paying a huge import bill in terms of the import of crude and we know we are always at the receiving end of those who produce oil and the cartel that manipulates the price and that there is a saturation point in the supply of crude oil. Still we don’t do anything about it. A time will soon come when the consumer may have to shell out a hundred rupee...
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