Jose John May 9, 2016 No Comments
CAPITAL PUNISHMENT: PROOF IS SIMPLY BEYOND THE CAPACITY Certain individuals who commit crimes do so at their own free will, and many have no qualms as to the consequences of their actions. To some, it matters not the possibil­ity that if they are caught, there is the chance they may be executed. Sometimes the crimes committed by certain per­sons are done so in a manner that would bewilder any other human being. My personal belief is that there is no need for capital punishment in our society. Advocates say that capital punish­ment is needed in order to deter future criminals, but this is not entirely the case. Research has shown that capital punish­ment, as a deterrent, has no positive or negative effect. An influential student of the deterrence question, Thorsten Sellin, conducted a study that would attempt to determine the effect of capital punishment on future crime. He studied the homi­cide rates in contiguous states, some with and some without the death penalty, on the assumption that these states were as alike as possible in character of population, social and eco­nomic conditions, etc. His conclusion was that the death pen­alty had no effect on the murder rate (Sellin, 63). This is not to say that the study performed by...
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