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CASTEISM: A CURSE TO OUR SOCIETY Before the invasion of Muslims on India there were only four castes. They were not by birth but by profession. All the boys and girls had to study in Ashrams. These ashrams were financed by the king. The stu­dents studied there up to the age of twenty five. Those who were learned, pions and had a spiritual leaning were declared Brahmins. Those who were perfect in martial performance were known as Kshatriyas. They would save the honour of their country. Those who were considered Vaishya. The rest, who could not gain perfection in anything but could serve the society were called Shudras. Thus the castes were not based on birth. The son of a shudra could become a Brahmin and that of a Brah­min might become Shudra. After the invasions, as the people were not united they had to face the invaders separately. This changed the pattern of the society. The lust of the invaders compelled the people to keep the girls within the four walls of the house. This resulted in the illiteracy among women on the one hand and formation of different groups gradually became so conserva­tive that they named themselves as a different caste. People belonging to these newly formed...
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