Essay Writing Topics about CASTEISM

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CASTEISM I once heard a political bigwig address in the TV after there was some ghetto disturbances between two groups in the state as to which one should lead the temple celebrations. Three people were killed and 11 others injured in the melee! Reacting to this unrest, the politician spoke very nicely and cleverly, too, about the prevailing casteism, how it affects us all, and also declared that the draconian casteism is to be curbed out in the state! True, casteism triggers deep divisions between people. It creates a sort of personal enmity between two sections which will be smouldering in their minds. Thus, it makes one to nurse a grudge lifelong. This is, of course, one of the many social-ills, not only in India but in some foreign countries also. Few days later, an investigative report in a news magazine exposed the true colour of this politician, accusing him that it was he who instigated the unrest! But why did he do that? In what way would it be beneficial to him or to his party? The magazine that had torn his mask, also said that he was trying to gain political mileage as there was a by-election round the corner! Moreover, what made me wonder was that,...
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Essay Writing Topics on CASTEISM

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CASTEISM Every citizen of our country is equal in the eyes of Indian constitution. At present, India is the biggest democracy in the world, yet democracy has not been established in India in the real state. Unfortunately there are such acute social and economic inequalities which have immensely affected Indian democracy. These factors are casteism, untouchability, communalism and regional imbalances etc. Amongst these social evils of the society, casteism is the most acute problem of the day. Distinction of caste is present in our society since olden times. Even today there are about 3000 castes and sub caste in India. Casteism is the behaviour which inspires the high caste people to hate and exploit the low caste people. People of high caste consider themselves to be superior to those of other castes. It has divided the country into many different categories. Caste system or casteism is a vital and integral part of Indian Society and it has immensely influenced Indian politics too. It makes the people narrow minded. They do not hesitate harming the country while fulfilling their own motives. The politics of all the states in our country suffers from the abuse of casteism. Democracy is deeply affected by casteism in the following ways It is against the...
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