Jose John June 3, 2016 No Comments
CHALLENGES BEFORE DEMOCRACY ‘Two cheers for Democracy, one because it admits variety and second because it permits criticism.” These are the remarks of writer EM. Forster expressed way back in 1951 but if we think, don’t we find that these remarks in it are the biggest challenge before democracy. Just the egocentric politics plays havoc behind the facade of Democracy and the easy prey will be both, Democracy and Development. India, as we know, is the largest democratic country in the world; but that democracy is limited only up to papers. In practical life, what we find is the rule by men of money and muscle power, or we can say that the cheap politics of our country has not allowed Democracy to take its original shape. Definition of Democracy given by the former US President, Abraham Lincoln is “Democracy is a form of Government which is elected by the people, for the people and of the people”. We have indirect form of Democracy in which people elect their representatives and the foremost duty of these representatives is to work like servants of common masses. But they behave as if they are masters of the people. It is clear from what happened in Bihar, Jharkhand and Goa recently. In...
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