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CHALLENGES TO INDIAN DEMOCRACY We can be proud that Indian democracy is the largest of its kind in the world. But there are many factors that hinder the healthy functioning of Indian democracy. Democracy is a form of government. In this form the direction and control of affairs lies with the governed. What are the distinctive features of modern democracy? Free elections by secret ballot and the party system, an effective opposition, an independent judiciary, a free press are some among them. As far as Indian political parties are concerned, they are ineffective, weak and divided. This is the main threat to Indian democracy. The main goal of almost all the political parties in India is to gain power, at any rate. They have no prick of conscience to gain power even at the cost of the democratic system of India. It has become much more evident nowadays. Apart from the unhappy state of the political parties, the major threat to Indian democracy is the ever increasing regional, linguistic, caste and communal tendencies. The political parties which lack ideology try to exploit these divisive tendencies to win elections and capture power. A land of the men of ignorance, illiteracy and poverty is not suitable for the growth of democracy....
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