Jose John May 22, 2016 No Comments
CHANGE YOUR LIFE STYLE Refashion your life to get rid of stress. Stress is a disease of modern times. It affects people regardless of their age, walk of life. Stress is present in the lives of the rich and poor, liberate and illiterate, men and women. Stress is more evident in advanced countries and is common among highly qualified people. Stress is of various kinds—physical, emotional and intellectual and it is characterized by a feeling of being burdened; of being unable to cope. At a physical level modern technology and facilities have actually increased workloads and decreased relaxation Mobile phones and laptops have made it easy to carry the office to the home. Emotional stress increases when there is disharmony and friction in relationships. Unfortunately, the trend today is to take the easy way out-people prefer to break away from relationships rather than repair them. Philosophical and intellectual tensions also add to the stress factor. The answer to stress can be found in the very letters to the word, ‘stress’: ‘S’ stands for strength: physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. Physical and emotional weakness leads to irritability. A strong, healthy body developed through proper diet, exercise and pranayama techniques help reduce stress at the physical level. Through satsangh and appropriate...
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