Jose John May 7, 2016 No Comments
CHEAP THRILL & GREAT PERIL Great peril. This is more relevant not only to school children, but to college students and the adolescent, as well. To cite some instances, foot-board traveling in buses and trains. To them, no matter how crowded a bus or a train is, there always room for one! Even buses and trains packed like sardines never deter them from jumping on to it. Even if there is room inside, these boys would hang on at the entrance, unmindful of the danger involved. Why do they behave so? It is a cheap thrill to them. Some usually do so. Their idea is to attract the attention of the watching eyes. At times, to showcase their so-called guts and adventure to the girls! Statistic shows that the foot-board travellers, mostly young boys, invariably, met with accidents, while some are run over, others losing their limbs. One day a teenager, dressed nicely, wearing costly watch, gold bracelet and gold chain, was standing at the entrance of the local train. He invited his death as his head banged against a signal post en route. The next moment his grip on the stanchion slackened, he fell down! Someone pulled the alarm chain and stopped the train. Later this youth, bleeding...
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