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CHOICE OF A PROFESSION The choice of a profession is the most important part of education. If you do not choose your profession while still at school and college, you have only wasted many precious years of your life. After leaving your educational institution, you just become a rolling stone, drifting from pillar to post in search of a job, which is quite often not to your taste. You have to do any unpleasant work to earn living and support your family. One’s tastes, traits, temper and temperament have to be carefully considered while choosing one’s profession. A person who is quite daring and adventurous should choose a career in the defence services. On the other hand, a person of literary taste and quiet contemplation should become a writer, journalist or a teacher. A person who wants to serve the nation in a public position should join the civil services. One who wants to get rich quickly will find his paradise in business, commerce and industry. A person with keen intellect should choose law as a career. One who is good at figure and in mathematics will become a good accountant, excellent cashier and a successful banker. Accountancy now-a-days is a paying profession and chartered accountants are very much...
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