English_Master March 23, 2016 No Comments
CHOICE OF PROFESSION It is not an easy task to choose a profession. The future of a person depends on his/her choice. A right choice means success in life, but a wrong one means failure and consequently heart burns. And the choice does not always mean a profession to amass wealth. I shall be satisfied if I can earn about a thousand and odd rupees a month. I know this cannot provide me with the luxuries of life, but I only want to serve my fellow beings. The service of man is the service of God. I draw inspirations from Mother Teresa and Florence Nightingale. The choice of profession depends on so many considerations. First, one is not conversant with the advantages and disadvantages of a profession. Secondly, one can ill afford to choose a costly career. Thirdly, one lacks the necessary preparation for successful professions. However, I have examined the claims of several professions very carefully. I dislike government service because it has ceased to be paying and respectable. One has to work hard and there is no independence. Also, it has no consideration. Provincialism prevails and whosoever can please his officers gets promotion. Nor does it do any good doing a giant’s work for a poor salary....
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