Essay Writing Topics about CHOOSING A CAREER

English_Master March 16, 2016 No Comments
CHOOSING A CAREER Every man dreams. Many aspire to be rich or to become business tycoons (magnates, big guns). Some persons dream of becoming leaders, politicians and social reformers. There are others who have a craze for becoming poets, writers and novelists and yet there are those who have a desire of becoming engineers, doctors and scientists of great repute. There are very few persons, who are happy-go-lucky by nature and have no clear-cut aim in life. As for myself, I do not have very ambitious aims in my life. I do not wish to become a mill-owner or a multi-millionaire. The sole object of my life is to lead a life of simplicity and goodness devoted to the service of humanity. The life of a Professional leader or politician does not interest me, as most of such persons are now parasites on society. I am born of middle class parents. From the very beginning, I have been passing through the struggles of life. I have seen cut-throat competition in most of the professions. Its consequences have been far-reaching; people are demoralised. Examples are not wanting. We can find engineers accepting bribes, lawyers rescuing guilty persons or murderers and doctors demanding money from the patients at crucial stages of...
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