Essay Writing about CINEMA — ITS PROS AND CONS

English_Master March 25, 2016 No Comments
CINEMA — ITS PROS AND CONS Cinema inside television or outside television is still a major source of entertainment of the modern world. Both its constructive and destructive values cannot be under-rated or over-rated. Cinema has one of the most powerful mass media tools. From the poorest to the richest people are fond of seeing the cinema. Late night shows are full of poor labourers, rickshaw-wallas, tongawallas, coollies and other daily wage earners who have no time during other shows, as they must work to earn a living. Matinee shows are patronized by the students who find cinema-hall a more interesting and less boring place than classrooms in schools and colleges. They just steal away from studies and their parents are completely ignorant about the whereabouts of their children. Cinema has the power to condition the mind of the viewer and brainwash him and get his behaviour modified. If the films are made with educative purpose with noble ideals, these can be very useful for the uplift of the younger generation. But the truth is that good films are as rare as a dodo. Cinema is generally considered to be an entertainment but it has of late, become the media of converging political and social ideas. Cinema has its...
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