Essay Topics on CINEMA

English_Master October 17, 2015 No Comments
CINEMA There are many ways of education. Education through sight means whatever is to taught is put before eyes. It is called visual education. This way of education is very useful. One learns very quickly through it. Film is a form of visual education. We get all sorts of information and enlightenment. Film is a practical teacher. Education through film is very interesting. It is easily understandable for. We learn through it in some hours what can be learnt in many days after great labour and expense. Mountains, rivers, jungles, battlefield scene, a huge mill working, a mighty dam, and such hundreds of things are shown in films. We see big cities of the world. We learn customs and manners of different peoples. We come to know their ways of living. All this broadens our outlook and our minds are enriched. Film depicts social evils and arouses public opinions against them. Evils of dowry system, untouchability, caste rigidity, communalism etc. are brought to our minds. We become conscious of our duty to end black marketing a corruption by seeing heir bad effects on society in film. The majority of our countrymen are illiterate. They cannot benefit themselves by reading. In our country, however, the box office value of a...
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