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CITIES ON THE VERGE OF COLLAPSE   “After more than 60 years of independence, with launching and implementing many five year plans, the cities of modem India, are on the verge of collapse. The cities    epitomize areas wherein the inhabitants, whether rich or poor, are bound to face the scourges of exploding population, air pollution, contaminated water sources, dumps of solid wastes, intolerable noise pollution, inadequate transport system, creaked roads unable to cope with the proliferation Of private and public vehicles, shortage of water, breakdown of electricity, choked sanitary, drainage and sewage systems, increasing crime against the fairer sex and unsafe senior citizens, with criminally indifferent attitude of government officials to every kind of problems.” One peculiar thing about modern cities is the scant regard for keeping the city clean and tidy. The indifferent attitude and deliberate neglect by the civic authorities have left cities with dumps of solid and other wastes choking and overflowing sewage and drains, resulted into mud, water storage and dirt everywhere, giving rise to epidemics like malaria, typhoid, dengue every alternate year. Various reasons and factors are responsible for the sordid state of cities. Unplanned growth of colonies, ill management of resources, lack of prudence in planning, sidelining the issues such as pollution, education, slums,...
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