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CITY LIFE VERSUS VILLAGE LIFE Life is dull and drab in an Indian village there are no sources of recreation no cinema halls, no places of picnic, no gardens and no parks no roads or lawns for jogging, no play grounds for cricket, that is what a modern well to do man in a city thinks. Even if childhood is spent in a village he won’t like to go back after his studies. A man in the city hardly thinks that a villager lives in natural surroundings. Fresh air is his life live, green fields are his park and garden. Every day for him is a day of picnic when his better half brings food for him in the field. When they sit on the boundary and enjoy the food together. When they come home in the evening the children will surround them and give them heavenly joy. Even the cow would welcome them. The houses made of earthen unbaked bricks are cool during sum­mers and quite warm during winter. They are airy too. During winter nights they will have a fire outside the house and enjoy the company of their neighbours sitting around the fire. Cooperation and cordial feelings for all is a key note of rural life...
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