English_Master April 2, 2016 No Comments
CIVIC PROBLEM Civic sense is an almost nonexistent in our country. Go to a beautiful garden and you will find rotten eatable and dishes of many Kick spread mercilessly on the lawns. People would come for a picnic and leave crumbs of food on the grass and bushes. They hardly feel that there are other people who would like to enjoy a treat (entertainment etc. given by someone) in those very lawns. There are small road side restaurants serving tea and eatables. You will find the used plastic, paper and earthen cups and leaf plates spread all around. It is a common sight in our coun­try. No, one minds it. A swamiji had gone to Germany. He had heard that no one could throw anything anywhere in the street. If one did he was fined. He threw a piece of folded paper and was immediately taken to task. He was asked to take the paper away and was fined too. Not in India. Go to a flourishing city. You will find a number of stalls and shops selling cigarettes, beedis, and pan masala ans gutka. People would smoke and beedis anywhere sometimes they cause for too specially on Diwali. Spit­ting on walls and staircases is a common sight everywhere....
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