Jose John June 1, 2016 No Comments
CLONING: A NEW FRONTIER OF SCIENCE Scientists have been experimenting on cloning of sheep and cow from embryo, for the last many years. A clone is an organism that is genetically identical to another. This experiment was successfully carried out by a group of scientists led by Ian Wilmut at the Roslin Institute of Edinburg, Scotland. The iamb so created was named Dolly. Dolly was not produced by the fusion of sperm of the male and egg of her female in natural way. Ian Wilmut took a mammary cell from an adult sheep and prepared its DNA. He then removed the egg’s owned DNA replacing it with DNA from the adult sheep by fusing the egg with the adult cell. It was a notable experiment sine the explosion of the first atomic bomb. The experiment with the technique of cloning from an adult mammal cell is a landmark in itself for creation of Dolly. Technique is still far from perfect. Out of277 udder cells and eggs, only 29 eggs grew into embryos and only 13 surrogate mother sheep become pregnant and just one gave birth. The major problem, however, is to undertake serious testing with a view to concluding that this technique holds good in case of the clone...
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