Essay Topics about CLONING

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CLONING There are number of fruits and vegetables in whose large scale production the male factor has been avoided. Banana in India is one of them. It was possible with gene therapy. The last decade of the millennium has been a remarkable period. In 1997 Dolly the cloned sheep created by Roslyn Institute in Edinburg hit the headlines in newspapers throughout the world. More recently, the piglets Milk Christa, Alexis, Carrel and Doctcom has been added to the new world created not by God but by man. Chinese Scientists, in 1998 claimed to have made a breakthrough in breeding the first transgenic goat with the help of a human gene. The goat produced rich protein milk. The experiment was made in the shanghai Research Institute of Genetics. It has been reported that four goats bred by institute would soon be able to produce milk containing the factor. In a few years the Institute may arrange birth of more such goats. Cloning is done in two ways. In the case of Dolly a tissue was taken from an adult sheep. It was fertilized in laboratory. After the cloning of Sheep, monkey and pigs scientists have taken a fancy of clone human beings. It is especially helpful to the couples who...
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CLONING: Essay Writing Topics

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CLONING The cloning of human beings has been an issue that many people believe strongly in. The cloning of animals such as cows and sheep has already been successful, and many peo­ple think that the cloning of human beings is just the next step. This, however, has not gone over well with the govern­ment of the United States. Recently, a hearing has been underway to decide whether cloning should be legal in the United States. In fact, President George W. Bush has said that he will do everything possible to ban human cloning. The issue here should not, be whether human cloning should be legal, because it should. The government should instead im­plement rules and regulations to regulate and police cloning research and development. Cloning is not a horrible science experiment, but a monumental scientific development. Many people look upon the idea of human cloning with fear and disdain. Many do not realize that the cloning of hu­man beings could be beneficial to the human race. Many re­searchers involved in cloning experiments believe that clon­ing could offer a way for infertile couples and other couples a way to reproduce, when they otherwise could not. Cloning could offer the gift of life to those who might not be able to...
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THE MIRACLE OF CLONING Ever since evolution, man has been involved in the process of creation, making new inventions that are at times amazing and revolutionary. But nothing is as awe inspiring as his desire to create another living object that is not conceived in the manner nature intended to, that is asexually. In the vocabulary of the scientists, it is called cloning. Cloning is not a recent development but an idea that seems to have developed way back in history during the period of Mahabharata. The epic that mentions creating a hundred sons from a lump of flesh could only be referring to what we called cloning in today’s age. Research on cloning has been going on in laboratories for the last twenty-five years, with little progress made. It made headlines only in 1997 when Ian Wilmut created history with the birth of Dolly, the sheep, by cloning him from an adult ewe using a nuclear transfer technique that he had developed. Ian Wilmut repeated his experiment seven times thereafter and proved that Dolly was not a fluke. In 1999, the Japanese too succeeded in creating a male mouse called Fibro from somatic cells. The birth of Dolly was fraught with both excitement and apprehensions. Many welcomed it,...
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