Essay Writing Topics about COLONING

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COLONING There are a number of fruits and vegetable in whose large scale Production the male factor has been avoided. Banana, in India, is one of them. It was possible with gene therapy. The last decade of the millennium has been a remarkable period. In 1997 Dolly the cloned sheep, created by Roslin Institute in Edinburgh hit the headlines in newspapers throughout the world. More recently the piglets, nillie, Christa, Alexis, Carrel and Dotcom have been added to the new world created not by God but by man. Chinese scientists, in 1998 claimed to have made a breakthrough in breeding the first transgenic goat with the help of a human gene. The goat produced rich protein milk. The experiment was made in the Shang­hai Research Institute of Genetics. It has been reported that four goats bred by the institute would soon be able to produce milk containing the factor. In a few years the institute may arrange birth of more such goats. Cloning is done in two ways. In the case of Dolly a tissue was taken from an adult sheep. It was fertilized in laboratory. When it crossed, the leadership that has not seen the united India giving a tight to the foreign rulers. The examples before the new...
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