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COMMUNAL VIOLENCE IN INDIA  India has always been home to different communities throughout its ancient and checkered history. In spite of its multiplicity, people of India have always lived in harmony giving due respect to all communities. Indian tradition teaches tolerance and equality. Even our foreign invaders learned to live like one of us, keeping no difference between any caste and community. Take for instance, Akbar the great who not only married a Hindu lady but also started a new religion Din-e-elahi that encouraged equality among men. Similarly, Bahadur Zafar Shah organized communal functions that invited people from different religions to come together and worship. Sadly, this harmony was first disturbed due to political reasons during the British period. During the colonial rule, the Englishmen created an artificial divide among Indians by defining them according to their religion and caste in their census. They played on the sentiments of one religion against the other in order to safeguard their interests. The phenomenon continued even after Independence, with power hungry Indian politicians replacing the British. The division of states on the basis of language further alienated one community from another. The constitution of India guarantees equal rights to all its citizens irrespective of their caste, creed or religion. This fundamental...
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