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COMMUNICATING INFORMATION One of the main occupations of human beings either in domestic life or at work involves gathering and communicating information. What is important is that information upon which we base our decisions should be accurate and up to date and readily available just when we need it. The computer can process information very quickly and provide us with the results; telecommunications via satellites and telephone network system can communicate that information. The marriage of these two technologies is destined to change the way in which society organizes itself. Already, communication network within countries such as Japan, U.K, U.S.A and Europe is being established. Large organization such as universities and financial companies, and later, small organizations have means or will have, to pass information between each other electronically. This is similar to the central nervous system in the human body. The system allows the passage of information from one limb to another. For example, if I want to lift a cup of tea, it is my brain, which sends the necessary signals to my arm and fingers to tell them to lift the cup to my lips. In due course, nation will be linked to each other via satellites so that a worldwide network system could be achieved...
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