Jose John August 9, 2016 No Comments
COMPUTER WORLD It is an age of computer. In every field the computer gains its position. In this modem world, the man cannot live without computer. Computers are improved models of calculating machines. The functions of computer now range from solving complex mathematical problems to space rocket technology and star-war projects to personal problems of day to day life. Nowadays computers invaded every walk of human life like trade, commerce, industry, education and entertainment etc. Computers are first demanding in India. By the end of the century computers dominate our lives more than any machine invented by man up till now. Most of us think that computer is a device that can do arithmetic very fast. But it is much more than that. It is a machine that can choose copy, compare and perform many other operations that are done by man. A computer is a fast and accurate electronic symbol, “data’ manipulating machine. It is made to automatically accept, store and process the ‘data’ given to it, inorder to give the results. A computer accepts the data written in its own language either in numeric or non numeric symbols in a set method called ‘programme’. This programme simply instructions to the computer written in a systematic method for telling...
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