Essay Writing Topics on COMPUTERS

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COMPUTERS Computers, especially the internet are great achievements of man. They have proved to be a turning point in human history. By the end of the 20th century, mankind has crossed a technological threshold that revolutionized the way we work and communicate with each other. There are great advances in the field of Information Technology. With powerful information tool linked on to the Net, we have a world of information ranging from stock reports, expert medical advice and weather forecasts to the choicest music and the latest blockbusters right at our fingertips. While it is true that in the emerging digital world of the Third Millennium, Information Technology will be the currency that will beget power, it is equally true that how we harness it, will prove to be the difference between being the winner and being the vanquished, between having the competitive advantage and being left out in the cold. Today we come across parents complaining about the long hours children are spending glued to their computer terminals, without any outdoor exercise. This is not only physically unhealthy, but also harmful both mentally and socially. Team spirit and the wonderful camaraderie between people is a noteworthy indication of how important contact between people really is. But today with...
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COMPUTERS: Essay Topics

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COMPUTERS Computers are used for several purposes. Now there are various types of computers that are in use. In India computers are being used in many fields. It has become popular in India during the last ten year and is now getting still more popular. Computers are of many types- personal, small or large. There are even super-computers. A computer can undertake one job or can perform many type of work. For operation, there must be programming. We are using computers in almost all the departments of study. Railways, Banks, scientific organizations, space and satellite, technology are using computers very extensively. Previously we had to import computers from other countries. Now we have the manufacturing capability of many types of computers. It has provided better study and research facilities besides saving money and foreign exchange. Now we are also exporting computers. However, the most advanced and complicated ones are yet being imported. Uses of computers have revolutionized the process of production and research in many fields. In science, space technology and defence computers have provided immerse opportunities f development. Now it is said to be a computer- age.