Jose John June 1, 2016 No Comments
CONCEPT AND SIGNIFICANCE OF HUMAN RIGHTS Human suffering and misery in the remotest part of the world invariably affects the whole family of man. Man has to suffer, not only when the part of the world in which he is residing is visited by natural calamities like earthquakes, famines, floods, diseases etc, but occasionally also at the hands of men driven mad by power—political, economic or social. In both types of situations response from the rest of humanity is spontaneous. In the former case, it takes the form of efforts to bring relief to the stricken. But whenever man has been made to suffer at the hands of other men, the conscience of humanity has been outraged, and the cry has gone round for some sort of guarantees to afford protection to him against the tyranny of his fellow human beings, so that he can be assured of at least his rights to life, liberty and security of person. Situations in which the call has gone out for such guarantees have arisen when a State has failed to protect foreigners against abuse by local authorities, or has adopted an oppressive or discriminatory attitude towards minorities or racial groups. There are quite a few such black spots in the annals...
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