Jose John May 15, 2016 No Comments
CONQUERING YOURSELF “When you climb up a mountain, you are not conquering it, you are conquering yourself!” said Hillary, assisted by Tenzing, the first man who climbed the Mount Everest. How nicely he had projected the intricacy between bracing oneself which is a paramount aspect before venturing into anything and achieving it! Conquer refers to winning over a thing. It can be wars, or any sort of challenges, or competitions, or anything. It is, in other words, jumping any hurdle that seemed impossible. More true to Hillary’s intelligible answer, anybody can conquer any challenging task, and thereby conquer himself/herself, be it a student in his or her studies or a working class person or a sportsman or a scientist or a soldier, or just anybody! It also emphasizes that it is time to wake up the sleeping giant in himself or herself to face any tricky situation. Prior to that, one has to evaluate oneself which area (career) interests one, calculate the pros and cons, give a deep thought, rectify the mistakes committed before, find a remedy and draw a foolproof plan. Avoid taking hasty decision. Conquer yourself, first, with a single determination to fight all odds. Have an excellent vision and mission. It is said, “If one doesn’t...
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