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CONSUMER COURT The Consumer Court is a boon to the society. When the dealer or the manufacturer supplies a sub-standard quality product to a gullible customer, he or she can sue in the consumer court under certain circumstances. Just what are those circumstances? Supposing you or a friend of yours purchase some goods and find later that the product develops some problems and cannot be used, you go to the vendor and complain about it and ask for a replacement. This is common. But what to do when the vendor says he could not give a replacement? Here is what one should do with a sub-standard quality product and how to take the vendor into task for having cheated. First, read the Warranty/Guarantee given by the vendor. Understand the substance in it. The bill the shopkeeper gives will have this readymade phrase: “Goods once sold will not be taken back.” Does it mean that the buyer has to curse his ill-luck and remain as a silent sufferer? Not necessarily. See if the product is under warranty period. If so, take the defective product to the manufacturer’s service centre, or call the company service technician. Even after that if it develops some problem and stopped working, take it up with...
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