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CORRUPTION IN PUBLIC LIFE Corruption in public administration is not peculiar to India only. It exists in all countries. It is the worst in developing countries. The extent to which corruption may flourish in a country depends on the attitude of the public. In India the attitude of the public is apathy. This public apathy is unconscious sanction, an unwritten permit to governmental corruption. One reason for this attitude is ignorance. The real reason is historical. India has been under invaders and local monarchs. Since times immemorial no rule of those days was concerned with the behaviour of their officials. They never scrutinized their officials dealings. They were content if revenue poured in to the exchequer. Corruption need only too factors, willingness of an individual to accept gratification for favours and his power. The saying that power corrupts absolute power corrupts absolutely is very true. In independent India corruption flourished because of the two factors. The British system of administration is still being followed in India. In the days of the British the officials had two main duties. Maintenance of law and order and collection of revenue. But a modern Govt aims at the welfare of all and development all around. This has added to the number of officials...
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CORRUPTION IN PUBLIC LIFE In the last two decades, the cancer of corruption has entered our society. In India was always considered to be scared country where great values were practiced. People used to be honest, truthful and righteous. But with the advent of modernization, the moral standards of our people have come down. Righteousness, virtue, honesty and fair play are the facts of a bygonera. In every field of life, opportunism has replaced moral consideration. The people who still try to follow moral values are blackmailed and ridiculed. Corruption in public life is fast spreading. Bribery is openly practiced. No work is possible without bribing the clerks, peons and other low- paid employees. Even high officials want something in return if any favour is done to anybody. Corruption in business has always been prevalent. Political corruption is the gift of democracy. During election, the voters are bribed. After election, the M.L.As and M.Ps try to make and hoard as much money as possible to contest in the next election. Social corruption like adulteration, weighing less, adultery, etc. is spreading like fire. Then, there is tax evasion, which makes us all corrupt. Corruption is prevalent even in educational institutions. Schools and colleges, which were once considered to be the...
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