English_Master April 12, 2016 No Comments
CORRUPTIONS THAT CORRODE INDIA Anna Hazare’s non-stop protest for the introduction of Lok Pal Bill rocked the entire nation and rattled the politicians! “Honesty stands at the gate and knocks; but bribery enters in!” quoted Rich. The centre and state level elections held all over India, so far, after the 70s, witnessed frequent changes in ruling both at the centre and states. It is a common knowledge that winning and losing are like inhaling and exhaling. Ask even an uneducated who will say that all are alike. Thus, corruption has gained the status of “Open Secret.” Therefore, reading between the lines, no one is Mr. Clean! However what irks the public is that, the Himalayan corruption in the corridor of power. Any corruption exposed is only the tip of an ice berg in India. Nevertheless, politicians who were accused once, bobbed up again after some years as people are ready to tolerate them and prefer them to the other! Previously, people looked for a good candidate and voted him/her to power. Now the concept is changed. People select the one, not because they want him; it is just that they do not want the other to rule them! Thus, the votes polled against hate, made the other win the...
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