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COWARDS DIE MANY DEATH This was said in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. It is a part of a speech by Caesar in reply to Calpurnia who warned that he should not go out as evil omens point to some danger to his life. Caesar refuses to agree and declares that death has no terror for him. He rises above cowardice and ignores the dangers. The world “fear”, he says, does not exist in his vocabulary. He throws a challenge at death and refuses to be frightened by it. He could never have been a greater soldier if he had fear of death. Death is inevitable. Nobody has ever conquered death. Death comes to all-kings and beggars, rich and poor, princes in their places and paupers in their huts. Death lays its hand upon all creatures. It does so without distinction or discrimination. Knowing the omnipotence of death, it is a folly for a man to tremble with fear at the thought of it. It shows an utter lack of spirit to turn pale at the mention of death. It is extreme cowardice to shirk from the dangers of life and a mark of bravery to face them. Constant fear haunts a coward. His heart sinks for fear of death which...
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