Essay Topics on CRAZE OF T-20

English_Master March 1, 2016 No Comments
CRAZE OF T-20 Cricked is a game which has developed immensely in recent years. From being a leisurely sport of the 19th century to the recent Indians of ‘twenty-twenty’, it has become the darling game of most of the Indian. Every Indian eats, drinks and sleeps, cricket as if it is the religion of every Indian. Of course, for any avid fan, whenever there was a game of cricket around, it was a celebration time. However, the big difference between today and the (g)olden days is the proliferation of matches and the introduction in the form of twenty-twenty cricket. Twenty-twenty trend in cricket changed the game forever and people now like this short version of the game. People in India are obsessed with the game of cricket. The people follow the cricketers like a zealot and sometimes cross the thin line that exists between a fan and a fanatic. On one hand, one can recall the grand reception that the team received after winning the inaugural twenty-twenty world cup and on the other hand, one is reminded of the disruptions caused by the people at Eden Gardens, when India played Sri Lanka in the semi-finals of the world cup in 1996. With the introduction of twenty-twenty, cricket has been...
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