English_Master March 3, 2016 No Comments
‘CRICKET’ CREATED ‘FRATERNITY’ “After 15 long years and much hobbling Indian Cricket team embarked on the historic tour to Pakistan in March, 2004. A lot of hitch prevailed upon the decision of sending Indian Cricket team to Pakistan for security and safety reasons, but thanks to the prudency and statesmanship of Mr. Vajpayee that Indian Cricket team could visit Pakistan and not only won the cricket matches but also the soul and heart of the Pakistani people”. After partition, it was the first time when thousands of Indians poured into Pakistan by road, rail and by air to watch the India-Pakistan ODI and Test Series. Kudos to the people of Pakistan who welcomed every Indian with such affability and geniality, that had no parallel since partition. Even, the long history of cricket matches between the two countries never find such a praise and admiration, which made everyone believe, as if two brothers are playing and vying to win without any animosity towards each other. The earlier cricket matches between India and Pakistan were played like a war and with hysteria over victory and defeat. The spirit of sportsmanship was always lacking, when India and Pakistan were face to face in cricket ground. The win or defeat was always witnessed...
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