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CUT YOUR COAT ACCORDING TO THE CLOTH Introduction: This one emphasizes the importance of one’s expenditure, whether it is within the limit or exceeding the income. Cloth here refers to the income and coat implies the monthly bills. In short, it is aimed at meeting both the ends. Explanation: It is an old proverb mostly before the ready-made dresses started flooding the shopping mall. In those days, people bought the cloth according to the requisite measurement for stitching new dresses, including the coat. Even now many people do that. However, if the cloth purchased is cut more at one or two places than the required length and breadth, then there will be shortfall of material for other areas of the body, like arms, collar and pockets. Like the body and mind coordination for any action of ours, these two, income and expenses, go together. It is all in one’s hand; mostly in middle class and even among higher income group of people, too. A father is the breadwinner of a family. He works and earns, so that he and his family members who depend on him for a living, find all the bare necessities and live peacefully. At home, both the father and mother jointly discuss and plan the monthly expenditures so that...
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