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CV RAMAN: THE GREAT INDIAN PHYSICIST  Sir CV. Raman, created history when he became the first ever-Indian scientist to win the highest award in science, the Noble prize for physics in the year 1930. His major work known as the ‘Raman Effect’ evokes as much scientific interest today as it did at the time of its discovery. Raman was known for his scientific temperament and boundless curiosity. He was loved! as a teacher and his efforts on scientific research provided a foundation   for   scientific   inquiry   and experimentation in the country. Chandrasekhar Venkata Raman or CV Raman was born in Thiruchinapalli, in Tamil Nadu, India on 7 November 1888. He was the son of Chandrasekhar Iyer and Parvathi Ammal. His father was an academician. Raman spent his early years in Vishakhapatnam where his father taught mathematics at the Mrs. AVN College. Raman showed himself to be an academic genius by achieving great learning at a very young age. By the time he was eleven, he had already completed his secondary school education. At fifteen, he topped his class and passed out from the prestigious Presidency College in Madras (now Chennai) in B.A.Honors in Physics and English. He continued to study at the Presidency College and topped his class once more...
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