Jose John August 7, 2016 No Comments
DANGERS OF NUCLEAR WAR Einstein had very definitely defined the hazards of nuclear war when he said that the fourth world war will be fought with the help of stones. Looking at the nuclear proliferation surrounding us today, his words seem to be true. An arms race is not only between the two big powers of the world but also among developing countries. Where will this lead us to a destroyed civilization and a mutilated human race? A devastated population and a total chaos and pathos everywhere. Dangers of the nuclear weapon may be clearly perceived by the tragic experience of the two Japanese cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima way back in 1945. The biggest hazard of nuclear weapons is that of radioactive radiation. When an atom bomb blasts, minute particles of carbon and fission fragments are sucked by the upper colder air and they condense to return in the form of heavy, oily, black downpour. Apart from the masses killed, the surviving suffers from strange lesions incurable skin diseases and many forms of malignancies including leukemia. The infants in wombs undergo mutational, and growth disorder and are retarded a mentally and physically. Apart from this the economic loss suffered by the nations involved is great. For countries like...
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