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DEMOCRACY AND ILLITERACY CANNOT CO-EXIST  Democracy, which postulates enlightenment, is, by and large, a blessing, and illiteracy, which implies ignorance, is a menace. How can the two coexist? Democracy assumes that there is a tough degree of political consciousness, a fair degree of education and intelligence, a continuous interest in public affairs and a full, abiding realization of the duties and responsibilities of true citizenship. No less important, there is tolerance of dissent and a willingness to accept the verdict of the majority. For all these qualities literacy is indispensable; where there is illiteracy the basic conditions for the success of a democratic set-up do not exist. Again, democracy is government by discussion, response and consent. Where there is no discussion, no free exchange of views and no freedom of expression, which enables uninhibited exchange of views, there cannot be real democracy. These factors also presume the existence of literacy; how can there be discussion, debate and a free exchange of views on public affairs when the people are not literate and do not possess the basic qualifications, as well as a fair standard of intelligence which come with literacy and education? There cannot be any democracy where there is no education, though there can be education even a...
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