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DEMOCRACY IN INDIA Since the split in Congress in 1969 the socio-political conditions in the country have been undergoing a steep fall. There are a large number of social laws as may not be found in any democratic country in the world. But the implementation of laws is almost nil in most of the parts of the country. If they are honestly implemented by a conscientious officer he has to do so at the risk of his transfer. The Parliament and State Assemblies enact laws and pass them on to the administration not for their execution but for their non-execution. Educated people feel that the legislation is very good but the execution is bad. The poor illiterate or even the literate common man does not know anything about the legislation. He has to face a government officer, a representative or an official of the executive machinery who is seldom helpful. Thus he too abuses the executive right from the Prime Minister to the peon in the Taluqa office. It is a slur upon the reputation of the executive head of the State. The experience of the people has continued for such a long time that they have lost faith in the system of governance. They want to have a...
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