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DEMOCRACY IN THEORY AND PRACTICE India became sovereign Democratic Republic at 10:18 am on 26th January, 1950, with the inauguration of the Constitution. India’s last Governor General, C Rajagopalachari, read the proclamation announcing the birth of the new Republic. If we look at the political and social history or the last 66 years, we find dramatic change in the democratic setup of our country. Since independent our country has gradually been deteriorating to become the ‘wild west’. In fact the present state of the things makes one wonder, if the country has any Constitution or Laws at all. The democratic values preserved and practiced by the founding fathers, have been confined to dustbin and the institutions meant to safeguard the democratic fabric have been undermined and devalued. The educationist or the freedom fighters must be wondering, whether this is the democracy, we gave to ourselves? The answer is simple, ‘blame not anybody else; blame ourselves’, for we have not risen to the lofty ideals our founding fathers incorporated into our Constitution. It is the cumulative failure of all the politicians, the bureaucrats the traders, the professionals and the people from different walks of life. Let us not blame the institutions and statutes that reinforced the foundation of our democracy....
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