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DIRECTIVE PRINCIPLES OF STATE POLICY The Directive Principles lay down a code of conduct for the governments in discharge of their duties and responsibilities. They place an ideal before the legislators and bureaucrats of the nation, while they frame new laws and policies for the country’s governance. Taken together these principles are the guiding parameters that a new democratic India should follow while framing rules and regulations to administer the people. They also represent the minimum of the ambitions and aspirations cherished by the people of India and set as a goal to be achieved within a reasonable period of time. The Supreme Court of India in various decisions affirms that the objective of Directive Principles is to employ the concept of a welfare state. However, the directives do not confer any enforceable rights and their alleged breach does not invalidate a law, nor does it entitle a citizen to complain of its violation by the state so as to seek mandatory relief against the state. There are sixteen Articles of the Constitution from Article 36 to Article 51, which deal with the Directive Principles. These comprise a wide range of state activities, embracing economic, social, legal, educational and international fields. Some of the important directives are as per...
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