English_Master February 17, 2016 No Comments
DIVINE FACILITATOR FOR UNIVERSAL HARMONY When you love your guru unconditionally, his grace flows to you automatically. The guru’s words never fail to come to fruition. The trouble is, the human mind wants instant gratifi¬≠cation, unmindful of the fact that only when circumstances are appropriate, the guru’s words bear fruit. The guru communicates through words and gestures and through his physical actions. Devotees often assume that the manifest form of the guru is what does all the work. We need to realize that the guru works at subtler levels. It’s a different realm altogether. Devotees often tend to stray from the path of love when they engage, in worthless pursuits, enamored by material acquisitions. They shore up their personal ego by making physical offerings to the master. All that a devotee can truly offer to the guru is his love which is un-manifest and which is the latent force in every human. That is a true offering. There are those who seek gurus to bless them in their pursuit of position, power, progeny, and cure of physical and mental ailments. How many people care to understand the real purpose of existence? We have been sent here to do good karma in order to be able to come face to...
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