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DO WE NEED RESERVATIONS IN PRIVATE INSTITUTES? Education is the key to prosperity and development As India moves forward into a knowledge economy, everybody from the politician to the labourer knows how important it is for his children to get a good education. However, education costs money, especially higher education. Cost aside, the large numbers of students across the country who try to get in to a good institute of higher education know how tough the competition is. There are too few seats and far too many seekers. For the economically backward the choice gets even narrower. It has been proved time and again that private institutions do a better job of providing quality education. Government schools remain populated with the poorest of the students and even though they follow the standard syllabus that other private schools follow, they seldom pass out with any skills that can help them face the future challenges in pursuing further education. As a result most of them are unable to cope up with entrance exams that could give them a chance at higher education. Even if they do pass the merit barrier, they fail the barrier of its high cost. Even as the government rules higher education with a heavy hand, the demand...
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