English_Master November 15, 2015 No Comments
DOWRY: A BURNING ISSUE Today, dowry is a burning topic in India. Every morning we read in newspapers that one or more brides are burned to death for dowry. Such news items are common that they cause no effect on the readers. None raises his voice against dowry. Dowry, at first, was a religious practice in the form of gifts. It was prevalent only among royal families. King and emperors used to give costly gifts to their daughters. It was the part of their pomp and show. Sometimes it was given to fulfill their selfish motives in political sphere too. They used to confer a portion of their kingdom just to strengthen the relationships. Ordinary people could give very few things and brides were rarely accepted by the in-laws without dowry. But now a day’s dowry has become part and parcel of one’s life. Even the family members of the bride are exploited. Gradually it became a custom. In some communities cash ad presentation articles worth lakhs are demanded and offered. They are not ashamed of taking a big amount and costly items for them. They don’t bother about whether the bride is not beautiful, illiterate or otherwise. The only criteria are that the bride should bring as dowry...
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