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DOWRY PROBLEM: ITS SOLUTIONS We are wonder-struck that dowry deaths are occurring at an alarming regularity in a country that prides itself on the worship of woman and whose constitution guarantees equal rights and privileges to the womenfolk. But it happens not only to illiterate, backward women but also to educated, enlightened, professionally qualified urban sisters of ours. Dowry is one of the biggest problems our society faces today. It is a curse on all our pretensions of a Welfare State. The sacred institution of marriage has been reduced to a simple business transaction. The system is a relic of the dark ages where a daughter was given a proportionate share in her father’s property and assets at the time of marriage since she enjoyed no inheritance rights. Time has changed now with the daughter having been given equal rights with the sons as far as inheritance is concerned. The Government has also passed a law providing more stringent punishment for dowry-seekers as well as dowry givers. Section 498-C of the Indian Penal Code can be invoked in case a bride is unduly harassed, humiliated or roughed up for bringing insufficient dowry at the time of marriage. This legal provision is applicable till the expiry of seven years after...
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