Essay about DR AMARTYA SEN

Jose John March 6, 2016 No Comments
DR AMARTYA SEN “The heights by the great men reached and kept,  Were not attained by sudden flight,  But they while their companions were slept,  Were toiling upward in the night.” It was a great moment of pride for India and the Indians, when the great Indian economist, Professor Amartya Sen was chosen for the Noble Prize for Economics 1998. Professor Sen was conferred the most coveted International Award for his elegant contribution to ‘Welfare Economics’ which throws light on the understanding of the economic mechanism under the circumstances of famine and poverty. With the recognition for his contribution to welfare economics, Dr Sen (now 79), Master of Trinity College at Cambridge University, became the sixth Indian to get the Noble Prize and the first Asian to merit it for Economics. He was also the first solo winner of the prize for Economics since 1995. Professor Sen was born on 3rd November, 1933 in Shantinekatan (Bengal). When he was just 9 years of age, he witnessed the destruction caused by the 1943 famine which left indelible marks on his mind. He said “It touched me to find emaciated people arriving from nowhere and dying in the thousands. It made me think about what causes famine and when I took...
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