Essay Writing Topics on DRUG ADDICTION

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 DRUG ADDICTION Today every country in the world is no longer secure from the menace of drug abuse. Even in the most powerful country America is in its grip, India is not far behind. Drugs have been used for medical purposes since time immemorial. Bui these days drugs and narcotics are being used freely by the people all over the world. The abuse of narcotics has caused wide spread concern to all the nations of the world. The number of people using opium, cocaine, charas, sedatives and other narcotics has surpassed all dimensions. Thus the abuse of drugs has become an international problem. In India their number has been increasing at an alarming rate. Its use has gripped many young men and women. It cripples the addict’s mental and physical organs and cause a painful for him and his family. Mostly it is the younger generation that fall an easy prey to it. The coming generation is thus crippled by the rampant abuse of drugs. The addicts become immoral and commit crimes of various sorts in order to get drugs. They lose their conscience, self-control, will power and memory. They indulge in anti-social activities, which in turn stamp them as out castes in the society. Eventually, the abuse of...
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Essay Writing on DRUG ADDICTION

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DRUG ADDICTION The story is the same throughout the world. Drug addiction has spared neither a progressive nation nor a backward one. It is rather strange the more backward a nation is the sadder are the experiences of drug addiction. According to Melvyn Levitsky US Assistant Secretary of State for International Narcotics Matters there were at least seven lakhs drug addicts in India on August 1, 1989. By the end of the century they would be more than double. It is rather, strange that more than 50% of these can either students of colleges, the seats of knowledge and learning or young men in the 10-25 age group. The group includes people of all shade ranging from engineers and advocates to that of rag collectors and road side hotel boys. Starting from Heroin, the drug of the rich one passes through passage of LSD, Marijuana and Hashish to reach ‘brown sugar’. It is the most demanded drug as it is rather the cheapest. It takes, hardly three days to fall a prey to it forever. It is, now easily available at all the street corners in big cities, especially in the four metropolitan cities. Once an addict is an addict forever, it is very difficult to stop it. If...
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Short Essay Topics on DRUG ADDICTION

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DRUG ADDICTION Drug addiction means ‘developing the habit of taking intoxicants’. In the materialistic world today, where man is burdened with worries, drug addiction has become a fashion as well as a practice. People belong to the upper section of society have turned to drug-taking for saving themselves from worries they have to face in their day-to-day life. People belonging to the lower section have fallen into the clutches of the anti-social elements and have turned to drug-taking. The practice of drug-taking has let loose the doors to hell. Brown-sugar, opium, hashish, ganja and the like are taking the drug-addicts nearer to death quicker than any other malady. According to a recent report more than one and half a million people lose their lives by these drugs. The life of drug-addict becomes a hell. He feels physically wrecked, morally degraded and mentally bankrupt. He becomes a diseased organ of society. Immediate and effective steps should be taken to root out those evil from the society. Otherwise a total social-ruin will not be far off.